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Happy Monday!

This morning the babies started their day in the babies 2 room. Mason took his time exploring the self-select shelf and decided the best toy to explore was the wooden blocks. When Conor arrived, he enjoyed his breakfast and then decided to explore the home corner with wade. Around 8 am the babies ventured outside for a play, Holly arrive next and loved playing with the new basketball Miss Des encouraged her to throw the ball and catch when she was finished practicing her ball skills she prompted Miss Des’ree to play with her and the two of them tried to grab the ball from one another. Holly loved this experience and smiled the whole morning. Adelin and Kira came next and were full of excitement, Kira played with the toy babies and put them in the bathtub. Adelin went to her favourite walker and took a stroll around the yard. Bella came next and Miss Des’ree gave her extra cuddles then together they read books in the yard. At 9am Bella, Mason, Conor and Holly went to gymnastics for their weekly session

For Group time today the babies enjoyed singing:

  • The good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Wheels on the bus

We kept the group time short to encourage the babies to participate

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards, keys and locks and soft toys
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders.
  • On the table the babies had a choice self expression art. Mr lachie invited them to paint with either hand or paintbrush. The purpose of the activity was for the babies to explore the properties of paint. Is it cold? is it slippery? How can I move this material?


Kira spent the activity time in home corner and lifted herself up until she could see what was is the kitchenette. When she was finished looking at the items in home corner she moved over to the puzzle table and enjoyed exploring the stackers. The last activity that kira went to was the art table. Mr Lachie encouraged Kira to be expressive and explore the blue, green and yellow paint, Kira loved manipulating the paint with the brush and then tested the paint with her fingers. To finish up her activity time she had a bottle in the hammock and went for her morning nap. Adelin prompted Miss Bronagh to open up the high chair so she could sit in it. Throughout the morning Adelin went from the high chair to the grey chair, she would sit down hop off then do it all again. After a while Mr Lachie invited Adelin to sit on the chair next to him and participate in self expression art Adelin loved this activity and used both hands to move the paint with the brushes. When she finished painting Adelin went over to the trucks to roll them around the room. To finish up her activity time Adelin sat in the bouncer and then continued to develop her spatial awareness on the chairs. Conor explored the ball runner first and then slowly moved around the room – he enjoyed home corner pots and pans, then went over to the yellow trucks with Adelin. Next he went over to Mr Lachie and painted for 10 minutes! Conor loved the texture of paint on his fingers and watched his hands creating streaks on the table. To finish up his activity time he went back into the home corner to explore the kitchen. Holly was a busy bee this morning and loved reading books in our self care corner, when she felt calm and ready she went over to the ball runner with Conor to watch the balls move down the tower. Holly and Conor took tuns in placing their ball on the tower and learnt to interact and negotiate their space. When she was finished with playing with Conor she went over to the art table to explore the paint that Mr Lachie offered. Holly put on her smock and decided to explore the paint with the brush, Holly had a big grin on her face and always smiles in her painting sessions. To finish up her activity time she played with the rainbow stackers.  Bella and Mason were in the cot room throughout activity time and enjoyed catching up on their rest.



Over all its been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh