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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing outside in the front yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we were all her we sat down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree.
For our arts and crafts activity we decided to extend on Charlotte and Poppy’s interest of animals and painted some monkey’s. Charlotte was up first and had a wonderful time moving the brown paint all around her monkey stencil, when it was time for Charlotte to finish she keep saying “more, more”. Joshua was another keen participant in the activity. He smiled and said “ohhhh” as he painted his creation, seemingly having a great time.
After our arts and crafts we ventured for a play in side yard where Poppy and Neveah went straight over to the sandpit. They were extremely cute as they sat down and participated in parallel play. Both Poppy and Neveah took turns in using the red shovel and both were happy and content. Max decided he was going to extend on his own interest of toys phones and engaged straight away with the cause and effect toys and the toy phone, we wondered around the yard holding the phone to his ear, when Miss Katrina said “hello mummy” max smiled his very cheeky smile. Blaze was eager to engage with the slippery slide and went sliding down very fast, after landing on his bottom he smiled and then went back up the top for another go. Sebastian was keen to explore his interest of blocks and went directly to the big blocks where he enjoyed using the blocks to stack up next to each other. When Miss Yumi started to stack the blocks onto of each other he shook his head and said “noo”
After coming back inside we decided to extend on Aston interest of music and provided our babies with a dancing and singing activity. Aston enjoyed dancing and started giggling when Miss Katrina started to dancing with him.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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