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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing inside while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Nevaeh enjoyed time on the mat with the wooden coloured blocks, she liked using the hammer to hammer down each colour, she liked using the hammer in both hands as she played her game, she then moved on to the coloured shaped blocks.
After sitting down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and yoghurt we ventured outside to play in the front yard with our friends from babies two. Poopy delighted in playing with the green sensory activity of squishy slime. She liked the feel of the slime between her fingers and enjoyed playing with the animals that were in the slime. Charlotte found the outside yard very interesting as she wondered from each activity, she enjoyed stopping at the sand play for a little while and then had fun playing on the fort and slide. Sahara really seemed to enjoy the outside play today, she was very content sitting and playing “peek a boo” with miss Katrina, she seemed very happy with the breeze gently creasing her face. Aura had a wonderful time engaging in interactions with her educators, she also enjoyed the outside play as she was very content watching her friends play and learn.
For our afternoon play time we decided that we would encourage our babies to engage with the musical instruments Lucas was very cruisy today and happily joined into this experience. He was smiling away as he practiced his fine motor skills, playing the drums. Max showed in intrest in this activity but then wondered off to play with the big coloured blocks.