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This morning Yuna and Mason started the day off in the yard. In the early part of the day Yuna enjoys settling in with a book, she read “numbers” and ‘animals’ then rested on the pillow with a soft cuddly koala. Mason loved the wooden blocks and watched them fall off the table, he loves watching the effect of his actions and is learning a little science everytime he experiments with the blocks. Holly was next to arrive, when she got to kindy she went straight for the textured balls. One by one Holly collected the ball in the yard and brought them to the cubby house. Bella is our new Babies 1 friend, she came in with a big smile and waved to her mummy and daddy – “well done Bella!”. Bella loved exploring her yard she took an interest to the books with Yuna, then settled in with the wooden blocks and animals. Conor arrived not too long after Bella and was ready to enjoy his breakfast as his friends explored the toys. Around 9 am Holly and Conor participated in their weekly gymnastics class.

Miss Bronagh sang a song to her friends, “Everybody sitting down, sitting down, sitting down, everybody sitting down, beside Miss Bronagh.” Mason, Holly, Conor, and Kira all came over to Miss Bronagh on the mat. Yuna and Amilla came over with Miss Des’ree. First, we sang our morning song to each child, while our friends clapped their hands. Then we sang ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and Miss Holly copied the actions from Miss Bronagh.

During activity time the babies had a choice of:

– Painting Bunnies! –

Book corner which has books, mirrors and quiet rattles and toys

– Home corner is filled with sensory bottles, pots, pans, plates, baskets, and food magazines

– Self-select shelves filled with puzzles, dinosaurs, wooden blocks, computers, and phones

– Dancing Amilla, Yuna and Conor enjoyed painting their Easter Bunnies today.

They had a choice between blue or pink, or both together. Yuna and Amilla used both colours. They sat together while painting their bunny, while Miss Bronagh hopped around like a bunny. Conor started with the blue paint, he put the brush into the paint, then used his fingers to take the paint off the brush and to put it on to the bunny. Once he did that a few times, Conor then moved onto the pink colour and mixed them together with his fingers to make it purple. Holly enjoyed playing with the teddy bears and the dolls in the home corner. She got some pots and pans together and pretended to make her baby some food. Kira had fun crawling around the classroom moving from activity to activity. First, she crawled to the book corner and watched herself in the mirror as she moved around. Kira then crawled over to the home corner and couldn’t get enough of the sensory bottles.

Overall, it has been a great day, Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh