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Today in the baby’s room we continued with our around the world theme, only this week we are celebrating all things New Zealand, our first New Zealand activity is making foot print ferns. Neveah was up first and sat very still as Miss Thea painted the black paint onto her little feet. It must have tickled a little as Neveah had a little giggle. Aston and Blaze were up next both seemingly enjoying this experience.
Just as we were about to sit down for our yummy lunch of roast lamb and veggies a message come though the speaker telling us we were having a fire drill. We all piled in Neveah’s cot which is the emergency cot and off we went down to the meeting point. We all looked extremely cute being pushed along, Aston was a little unsure as to what was going on and looked up at Miss Katrina with a funny look on his face, Blaze was very happy and inquisitive as to what the drill was all about and sat there smiling.
For our physical activity we ventured outside where Aston, Blaze and Sebastian all had a blast taking turns on the slippery slide they were all were very engaged in this experience and had a wonderful time participating in this social play. Joshua was very interested in what the boys were doing and was very cleaver at crawling himself over to where the action was, Joshua wasn’t able to climb up the ladder himself but with help from Miss Katrina had a wonderful time sliding down the slide.
Thanks for a wonderful day babies 1


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