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What a great day we have had in the baby’s room today. To extend on Aston and max’s interest of cars, we decided to provide our babies with a car painting arts and crafts experience. Neveah had a wonderful time zooming her car right though all the paint, making lots of colourful lines all over her page. Charlotte likewise had a delightful time participating in this experience. She enjoyed using different cars to create her art. Max liked saying “zoom” as he speeds his car over the page.
We then ventured outside to get some fresh air and explore the yard. We started off sitting down in a small circle for a group time of songs. We sang “if your name is……… clap your hands”. Our babies enjoy this song as they are happy to clap their hands when their name is sang. Poppy did a fantastic job of recognising her name and clapping her hands and did so with a great big smile on her face.
We then broke off the explore the yard, Neveah and Sebastian wondering straight over to the sand pit where there were very cute playing alongside each other. Blaze, Max and Aston moseyed over to the tepee. There they engaged Miss Stacey in a game of peek a boo, the boys thought this game was very funny as they giggled and laughed. Josh was happy and content and enjoyed using his legs to pull himself up along the slippery slide, Miss Katrina then helped josh to slide down, Josh must have enjoyed this as he wanted to go again.
After coming back inside, we decided to extend on Blaze’s interest of “the wiggles”, and played their music for our baby’s to enjoy. We all enjoyed dancing and moving and we all looked super cute grooving along.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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