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Hello beautiful families,

Today the heat didn’t stop us to move our body! We had all great fun in the yard building towers with miss Aurelie. Everybody has shown their strong muscles carrying the soft block around. Well done Babies !! The best part was when they laughed so much destroying it! So much fun. It doesn’t stop them to start again and build a new tower. Persistence !! Yeah!!! Then we made some bubbles and the babies enjoyed running around and chasing them. They loved making bubbles so much and always asked for more.

We listened to happy playlist music the babies enjoyed dancing like no one is watching. We saw some great hips moves.  We played with some balloons for a little bit just before going back inside for lunch. During lunchtime we listen to the sounds of different animals and tried to recognize them. The lion and the tiger were really impressive and some of the babies got scared. They had fun  trying to remake the sound after hearing it.

Thank you so much babies for today.

Miss ELizabeth and miss Aurelie