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Today in the baby’s room we had a great morning playing with our friends from next door. Once we had all arrived we decided to venture back into our own room for some delicious morning tea of protein balls and fresh fruit.
Today is harmony day which means it is a day set aside to celebrate our different cultures and come together. To celebrate this day, we decided to provide our babies with a arts and craft experience of sticking different countries flags onto our pieces of paper. Aston was up first having a wonderful time using the sticky glue, he liked squishing it between his fingers and liked pasting the flags. Charlotte also enjoyed this activity as she showed Mr Lachie want she wanted to do. While engaging in this activity we spoke to our baby’s about different countries and the importance of being culturally sensitive.
We then decided to venture outside for a play in the sunshine and to stretch our legs. Max had a wonderful time playing in the castle cubby house throwing himself around the space and laughing as Miss Katrina was talking to him. Teddy enjoyed the outside and was very cleaver showing off his brand new walking skills. Nevaeh and Poppy loved spending time with both Miss Katrina and Miss Amy and happy engaged in nursery rhymes and loved clapping along.
After coming back inside Blaze wondered over to the self- select shelf and enjoyed playing with the cars, he liked zooming all around the room and smiled on his way past Miss Amy.