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This morning Yuna helped Miss Des’ree set up the yard, Yuna picked some of the booked from our self care corner and put them in our quiet area outside. When the rain got heavier we ventured indoors to enjoy the pitta patta of the rain. Mason came next and walked over to Miss Des’ree with a big grin, then smiled at his mother responding to her goodbye. Mason spent the morning playing in the home corner kitchen with the pans and pots. Conor and Holly arrived next and the 2 babies went over to the colourful gems. Conor toppled them to the floor while Holly examined the colours. When Conor was finished exploring the gem he joined Mason in the kitchen. Around 9am the babies went outside to burn off any extra energy.

We had our group time whilst we enjoyed our morning tea. Holly, Adelin and Conor sat together while Mason and Yuna enjoyed their morning nap. We started the group time by singing our good morning song to each other and giving our friends big hugs to say hello.  We did our Acknowledgement to the country then sung some of our favourite songs.

  • Wheels on the bus
  • ABC’s
  • Twinkle, Twinkle little star

For activity time we continued making our Easter items. Today we wanted to make some carrots out of our feet. So, we got some orange paint ad one by one we painted their feet orange and printed their foot onto white paper. Everyone had a chance to make their very own carrots. Holly was first to have a go, she sat very patiently while waiting for Miss Andressa to paint her feet. Holly laughed while the paint went onto her feet, she wriggled her feet a little, but she tried to say as still as she could. When she put her foot onto the paper, she looked at it and out her hand up to her face. Great job Holly. Conor was next, he sat very well in his highchair waiting for his feet to be painted. He saw what Holly did and he knew exactly what to do. Conor smiled when he saw his footprints after. Yuna wanted to have a go, she also laughed when the paint was on her foot, I think it tickled her. She also was watching the process being done on her won foot and seemed quite interested. Yuna footprint came out so well. Great job. Kira moved her feet a lot when they were being painted, as so moved around but laughed as she done it. Mason and Adelin where last, Mason toes were moving a lot, but he was concentrating on the paper. Adelin seemed very chilled as her feet got painted then had a big smile when she saw her footprints after. After everyone’s carrots where finished, our friends had free-style play. Conor went into the home corner, he likes to bang the pots and pans in the sink, then he moved over to the self-select table that had some puzzles and cognitive play on it. Mason went for the chair; he likes to push the chair around to help with his walking. Most times Mason can walk by himself and he is getting so confident with his walking now. Holly went to Mason and helped him to walk, she stayed beside him then she went and got a chair of her own to push around with Mason. Kira went to the quiet corner, she played with the soft toys then had some fun times looking in the mirror at herself.   Adelin crawled around the room exploring different toys. She sat in the book corner for a short while and looked at some lovely books then she went to the home corner to play with the bottles and make some music.  After a while of playing, we went outside for a run a bout before coming back inside for lunch.

Overall, it has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh