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What a wonderful day we have had here in the babies 1 room today, As Miss Katrina walked in to start her day Sebastian was standing at the glass door smiling at her, he then proceeded to start blowing star fish onto the glass door and raspberries, it was very cute.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit, yoghurt and fruit puree we decided to extend on our theme of around the world and start learning about the beautiful country which we live in Australia. With National sorry day coming and reconciliation week starting this week we decided to make Johnny cakes for our activity. Miss Katrina helped Blaze measure out 1 cup of flour and then pour into the bowel, then helped Neveah do the same and then Joshua. After the flour was in and the salt Neveah helped mix in the butter. Blaze did a wonderful job of mixing the water in and seemed surprised as the dough stuck to his fingers. Joshua’s favourite part of this experience was helping to knead the dough, he used both hands the squish and move the dough around. Miss Katrina then took the dough upstairs for Miss Dennis to place into the oven.
While we waited for our damper to cook we ventured outside for a play in the yard. Sebastian and Max had a delightful time participating in social play in the castle cubby. They enjoyed sitting in the cubby babbling to each other and peering to Miss Yumika as she engaged then both in a game of peek a boo.
To extend on our baby’s interests today we provided cars and big building blocks for the children to engage in while participating in self- directed play. We also had a group time story time and for our outside combined time we had the wiggles playing though the speaker for all the children to listen and groove along to.
Thanks for a great day, and just a reminder if you could all please bring in a family photo for our family giraffe thanks


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