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ello beautiful families,

Hope everyone had a beautiful week end and enjoyed the warm weather. It was awesome to see our little smiley faces this morning. We had a play in the yard early this morning with our friends from babies 2. We liked to climb on the balancing beam and jump. We also had so much fun to tape on the yellow ball and making noise.   Then after the morning tea we had Art therapy. We listened to the story book about the owls.

For the activity following the group time, we used colored glue and wool string. Some of us like to paint everywhere on the sheet and stick only few strings on it. Others enjoyed to spent more time sticking the wool string on the sheet. We kept finishing our Christmas art after. Miss Alex was singing the noodle song in Spanish that the babies love listening too. Once everybody has finished we went outside for a free play. The babies enjoyed to embark on the boat and sing their favourite song : Row, row row your boat.

Thank you so much babies for this beautiful and hot monday.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie