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Hello beautiful families ,

We started another happy week with some Art therapy. Today Miss Veronica read us a story about being gentle. We learn more about how to play nicely with our friends and how it could  affect their emotions.

The art activity that was following was about those different emotions. We had to stick an emotions on a piece of paper. angry, sad, happy etc, and do some drawing with crayons. The colors we were picking were also interesting in relation to the emotions sticker we had.

Then we had a bit of free play outside with our friends from babies 2 before lunchtime. We applied how to play nicely as much as we could 😉 We had a great time, pushing the trolley, running on the blocks, going up and down the wooden stairs.

Thank you so much for this delightful Monday. What a great start of the week.

P.S… As it is Halloween this week we will be spending the whole week celebrating so please come dressed in some fun or spooky costumes during the week we cant wait to see your best Halloween costumes

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie