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October 28, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Hello and welcome back from the weekend!

We have had a lovely morning welcoming our friends back from the weekend and enjoying some outside play,  Miss Sana had the bubbles out this morning which always makes saying goodbye from our family a little bit easier after a nice weekend together, we also enjoyed building with our blocks and riding on our bikes.

We moved indoors at 9am ready for our morning tea,  we all had some yummy yoghurt and fresh fruit …..and a big drink of water before we moved over to our mat for morning grouptime.  Today we read an aboriginal story …..How the Birds got their Colours, we sat and listened really well,  we looked at the colours on the pages and tried repeating the names of the colours WELL DONE babies one!

We further extended this morning story by painting our own bird feathers using some long shaped leaves,we used colours from out of the story, this was a great activity using some natural materials so the children could explore a different kind of painting experience.

After painting we enjoyed some self selected play activities with Miss Dakota and Miss Bronagh, these activities included….homecorner role play, babies and our high chair and dancing to the wiggles.

After our busy morning it was time for a well deserved lunch and rest,  todays lunch was a pasta bolognaise loaded with lots of veges and a side of selected salad pieces,  we are ding a really great job of feeding ourselves using our forks and spoons and most of us are sitting at the big table now in preparation for our transition to toddlers next year!

We hope you have all enjoyed your Monday as much as we have!

Miss Rochelle,  Miss Dakota and Miss Bronagh xoxo

Written by elcbabies1

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