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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing inside with our friends from next door. Once we were all here we sat down for our yummy morning tea of choc chip cake and fresh fruit.
We then thought that we would extend on the baby’s interests from last week, and we made musical shakers. Miss Katrina had dyed the rice and pasta at home lots of different colours. Charlotte was up first choosing the red pasta. She helped Miss Katrina pour it into the bottle, we then decided on the colour green pasta to go into the same bottle. Poppy was very interested as to what was going on and come over to join in the fun. Poopy liked the look of the yellow and red rice and loved shaking her bottle once we were finished. Nevaeh was another enthusiastic participate in this activity. She waited very patiently for her turn. When asked what colours she wanted to use she pointed at the red and the green pasta. Our babies had a ball playing with our home made musical instruments.
We then ventured outside with Mr Lachie to explore the outside yard and also to listen and engage with some interesting felt stories. We did “5 speckled frogs, Old Macdonald and 5 cheeky monkeys. Babies 2 joined us at this stage and we had a wonderful time joined as a combined group.
To follow Sahara’s interest of tress/ leaves we watched the wind blow the many trees around our centre. Miss Camila talked about the different types of trees there are and how important trees are for our environment. We will continue to explore and learn about this topic all week.
Lucas and Blaze enjoyed the company of each other today, and liked babbling and interacting with each other while exploring the different activities. Blaze found lots of fun and enjoyment playing the cars, zooming them all around the room.



29.02.16 char 29.02.16 group 29.02.16 nevaeh 29.02.16 poppy