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Welcome to Monday again everyone,

This morning we started the day with Conor arriving first. Conor had his yummy breakfast then went exploring through the yard. First, Conor was curious with the coloured rice in the tub. He sat down beside it and used his hands to feel and lift the rice with his fingers. Conor laughed as he done this. Conor then went to the obstacle course and tackled it a few times. Great job Conor! When Kira and Holly arrive, Miss Bronagh gave them big cuddles then Holly went off to play with the babies in the cubby house. Holly came over to Miss Bronagh and gave her a cup and put it to her month, Miss Bronagh pretended to drink and said, ‘mmmm yummy, thank you Holly.” She laughed and put the cup up to her own mouth. Kira sat close to Miss Bronagh and listened to her singing some songs, like ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ and ‘Open shut them.’ Kira moved her body along to Miss Bronagh’s singing. Adelin came and had a great drop off, she went to Miss Larissa and gave her a big cuddle and chilled by the books for a short while. Yuma joined us just before we went inside, Yuna played with Holly on the mat with the babies and just chilled on the mat for a while before coming inside. Just as we got inside Amilla joined us. Glad to have you back Amilla. Today Conor, Holly and Yuna got to go to Gymnastics. Today is Yuna’s first day at gymnastics. Miss Bronagh walked up to gym with Yuna as she was feeling a little scared, but once she got there, she stayed close to Miss Kim and had a great time.

For group time we explored easter songs, the babies enjoyed:

  • Mr Peter rabbit
  • Do your ears hang low
  • Bunny sleeping

When the babies were ready to play we transitioned them by asking them to give us a hi-five

For activity time Miss Des’ree brought in the sensory trough and filled it up with balls to create a ball pit. Holly, Adelin, Amilla and Kira were thrilled with the ball pit and enjoyed sitting in the trough with the colourful balls. Miss Bronagh encouraged the babies to recognise the different coloured balls and sung the rainbow song -identifing all the colours as she sung the song. As the babies explored the ball pit they slowly went around the room exploring the toys that interested them. Amilla enjoyed exploring the rainbow gems, Holly and Kira sat in the ball pit and threw the balls all around themselves. Yuna, Holly and Adelin used their fine motor skills to open and close the jars in home corner.  Adelin used the chairs in the room as walkers she practiced using her gross motor skills to take her legs on a journey around the class. The babies enjoyed a variety of self selected activities as they

listened to festive easter music. The self selected activities the babies chose to participate in were:

  • Home corner with jars, sensory bottles, pots, pans and containers
  • Quiet area with books, cushions and hammock
  • Cognitive toys such as: keys and locks, stackers, puzzles


We had a great day, hope you did too!


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh

Easter is upon us friends. We have started our Easter basket. If everyone could put an item into the Easter pamper allocated in our classroom. Everyone has received ballots. $5 per sheet of ballots. Please fill them in and return to Miss Des’ree or Miss Bronagh with the gift and $5. The lucky winner will get to take home the Easter pamper! Good luck everyone.