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Today in the babies 1 room we had a lovely day, it started with inside/ outside day with our peers from next as we waited for everybody to arrive.
After sitting down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and crackers were thought we would venture outside into the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Sebastian was a keen participant in the sandpit, he liked using the shovel and spade to manipulate the sand in all different directions. He then enjoyed playing in the castle cubby and using the big building blocks. Max was a cheeky little monkey playing on the slippery slide, he loved using his strong legs to get himself to the top, he would then smile as he slides down. Joshua was cool, content and happy today, he enjoyed exploring the yard happily crawling from each of the different activities. His favourite thing again today was pulling himself up into a standing position whenever possible.
We then thought we would extend on Sebastian, Aston, Blaze and Poppy’s interest of music and dancing. We played the wiggles music and we all loved moving and grooving. Miss Katrina and Miss Shaz role modelled and encouraged our babies to do the actions to “rock a bye your bear”. Poppy liked to clap again smiling and would then blow kisses while Blaze was happy and content to show off his dance moves. Aston was happy to do his own thing playing in the home corner BBQ area, he liked opening and closing the doors and would frown his cheeky frown when Miss Shaz asked him what he was doing. Neveah liked tipping out all the small toys that Miss Katrina had placed in the new baskets. She was very happy sitting and engaging with each different coloured block.
Thanks for a great day babies 1


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