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Today in the baby’s room we started our theme for the month which is under the sea. We decided to follow Charlotte’s interest of animals and link that to our theme and create some beautiful sea crabs. Charlotte was up first and had a wonderful time using her fingers to paint on her paper plate, she chooses the blue, yellow and green colours and seemed to enjoy this experience. Miss Amy thought by using paper plates for this arts and crafts activity it would create a wonderful body for the crab. Poopy also sparked during this experience and seemed to enjoy moving the paint around with her fingers. Aston was another keen participant in this activity and had a lovely time spreading the coloured paints around. He then liked just squishing the paints through his fingers.
For our physical activity we then ventured outside where we could explore our outdoor environment and stretch our legs. Joshua relished in this time seemingly enjoying the breeze as he watched all his new friends play and explore. He loved relaxing on his bouncer and was very calm and content thought out the day. Neveah and Poppy liked participating in social play using the coloured blocks to interact with each other and were very cute babbling to each other. Blaze had a great time playing on the fort and slide climbing up and over and over. We then opened the door up for some inside/ outside play where the babies can decide which play space they would like to get involved with.
For our group time Miss Amy decided to extend on Max and Aston interest of music and found some super cool tunes to listen and dance to. Max loved listening to the music and would very cheeky smile at Miss Katrina as she would sing the words to him.


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