This morning Holly was very animated and enjoyed throwing the red ball around the yard. Yuna and Mason played with the soft blocks and got acquainted with Miss Des’ree. Henry was very comfortable exploring the yard and enjoyed playing with the wooden bikes.

We had small group times with the babies.

In Yuna, Toby, Mason and Kira’s group time we sung if your happy and you know it. Kira clapped on hand on the floor, Toby smiled and Mason and Yuna mimicked Miss Des’ree and clapped their hands together. Well done!

Outside Ian, Adelin, Henry and Holly explored the outdoor toys. Ian and Holly investigated all the aspects of the lawn mower. While Adelin and Henry exchanged bouncy balls

or activity time the babies explored the toys in the room.

Yuna and Ian pulled the puzzles out and observed the different shapes and colours.

Kira and Toby loved tummy time on the mat. The two babies faced each other and giggled at one another.

Holly played with the instruments and took an interest to the tambourine.

Adeline used activity time to get to know Miss Bronagh and enjoyed lots of cuddles. Henry and Mason loved playing with the coloured mesh bowls and balls. The boys experimented with cause and effect and watched the items rise and fall.

Over all it has been a busy but good day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh