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Good afternoon babies one families, 

Welcome back from the weekend,  we have had a great day today exploring with our friends and having lots of fun!

We began our morning outside greeting our friends and seeing what everybody had been up to over the weekend,  we had lots of fun on our bouncy dragons and pushing ourselves along on our bikes,  we enjoyed stacking our building blocks and exploring our puzzles and books on the big soft cusions with Miss Stacey….I have to say I think everyone’s favorite though was the balloons that Miss Tanz gave us that were left over from our big open day on the weekend,  we had so much fun throwing the balloons up in the air and trying to catch them.

We moved indoors shortly after 9am ready for our morning tea,  we had some delicious fresh fruit and yoghurt along with a big drink of water.

After our morning tea we sat down as a group and practiced our colour flash cards together the children are really embracing this as a part of their morning and really enjoy looking at the cards ….we are even beginning to guess correctly some of our colours. After practicing our colours it was time for a story….baby dinosaur in the garden. We chose this story because we still have children interested in dinosaurs and we also have interest in our outside world….this is mostly a picture book that encourages the children to identify objects that they might come accross in the outside world.

Miss Bronagh and Miss GIllian then took the children outside to explore and start a new fun activity aimed at fine motor development,  the children used our outside mirror along with a big container of stickers, we stuck stickers on to the mirror,  the children were encouraged to try and peel the stickers for themselves.  On the other side we used paint brushes and water and demonstrated to the children up and down round and round and then encouraged the children to try for themselves the children also tried sticking our stickers to the wet surface ……GREAT EXPERIMENTING babies one!

These types of activities are great for developing the finger strength required for holding a pencil or even everyday self help skills such as using our spoons to feed ourselves.

Lunch today was chicken wraps with salad pieces on the side,  this is the start of our new menu for the month, we did really well today with most of us eating our lunch .

We hope everyone has a great evening…..tomorrow we will be enjoying some fun Melbourne Cup activities.

Miss Rochelle,  Miss Gillian and Miss Bronagh xoxo

Written by elcbabies1

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