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Today in the baby’s room we had a wonderful time exploring the outside yard, Joshua was cool and happy to engage with the big building blocks, he liked looking at each one and then trying to stick them on top of each other, he then wandered over to the fort and slide and was very cheeky pulling himself up into a standing position. Charlotte, Neveah and Aston all participated in social play in the sandpit and were all very cute as they shared their equipment and babbled away to each other. Poppy was keen to explore the new garden that was planted, Miss Katrina encouraged her to smell the lavender, Poppy pulled a very funny face.
After wondering back inside we all sat down on the mat for a group time of songs. We sang “5 fat sausages, 3 cheeky monkeys’ and if your happy and you know it”. Blaze did a wonderful job at clapping his hands in all the right spots and thought all the songs were very amusing, Sebastian also seemed to find enjoyment in the songs as he bopped his little body up and down. We then decicded to extend on Charlotte’s interset of animal noises and sang ” old MacDonald had a farm”. Charlotte was very good at making all the sounds and smiled very cheeky.
Thanks for a great day babies 1


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