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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing inside with the self-select toys while we waited for all of our friends to arrive.
Once we had finished our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit we decided that it would be fun to decorate our family giraffe with some pot plant hand prints. Charlotte was up first with Miss Katrina, she wasn’t sure about the feel of the paint on her hands as she squished the paint between her fingers and wouldn’t let Miss Katrina open her hands. With some encouragement she opened up her hand and we made beautiful red hand prints. Nevaeh was up next, she too wasn’t sure about the texture of the paint and had more fun playing with the paint by squishing it between her fingers.
After all our hand prints were made Miss Camila found a big piece of cardboard that she thought we could work collaboratively to create a group masterpiece. We took turns using the big chalk pad, Blaze waited very patiently for his turn and sparkled with delight when he got to have his turn. He used both his hands to draw the chalk onto the cardboard and created a wonderful drawing of different colours.
We then ventured outside to stretch our legs and enjoy the outside breeze. Aston always likes outside time as he can wonder around the yard and explore the different play spaces at his heart delight. Aston is very cleaver using his walking legs.
We then came back inside and sat down for a group time with Mr Lachie. We read different farm yard stories. Our babies listened with interest. Max then decided that he would like to make music and crawled over to the musical instrument corner, where he loved playing the mini piano.