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Welcome to another Monday in the Babies 1 room.

This morning we started the day in Babies 2. Holly loved the new environment and explored the replica flower connectors; she stacked the flowers one by one creating a beautiful floral bouquet. Mason did his usual routine and practiced standing and walking around the room, he carefully calculated his movements and tested his balancing skills. Conor found comfort in the big yellow ball and bounced the exercise ball with his hands. Kira used her core muscles to sit down with her teachers, when she was finished greeting her teachers and friends she rolled on to her tummy and crawled around the yard.

Miss Des’ree held on to Kira’s hands and encouraged her to practice her standing skills. Kira loved the interaction and used this time to not only learn about her body but bond with her educator. Miss Bronagh. Mason and Miss Bronagh explored the science of sound that could be made with your hands. Mason clapped and showed Miss Bronagh his new skills. Well done!

Miss Bronagh did a little group time with Mason, Kira, Holly and Conor. In the group time Miss Bronagh did the aboriginal acknowledgment;

“ Here is the land

here is the sky

here are my friends

and here am I”

The babies were a little restless today so we finished up by reading 2 stories, ‘ Teddy Bear’ and ‘ Rock a bye baby’. The babies sat intently and soaked up the images in the book.

This week we are extending the babies interest in different cultures and will be exploring the Italian cultural day- ‘ Valentines day’. To introduce the babies to Italy we changed our music from Chinese music to Italian music. Then we explored love colours, pink and red. The babies loved painting with these colours and crafted beautiful hearts. Conor and Holly felt the textured paint with their fingers and used self expression to create art on their blank canvas. Mason and Kira explored the paint with their feet and Miss Bronagh enjoyed showing the babies how to create are out of their foot prints. When the babies finished painting we ventured outside to play in the sandpit. Outside we continued listening to love songs to get into our valentines week.

its been a very loving day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh