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What a great day we have had here in the baby’s one room today. We started our day playing with our friends from next door, we really enjoy this time as it gives us the chance to interact with different babies and different educators. Once we were all here we went back into our own room and sat down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and chocolate chips.
Our theme for this month is “around the world” and the country chosen for this week is Italy. We choose this country because Max, Teddy and Amelia have family heritage from there. To celebrate and to learn about Italy today we decided to make mosaic Italian flags using Green, white and red paper and the flag stencil. Blaze was a keen participant in this activity and had a wonderful time gluing the different colours onto his paper. Blaze was happy and engaged thought out this experience. Neveah also seemed to enjoy this activity and liked choosing each piece of paper herself. Nevaeh was quite serious during this activity and liked to do a great job.
For our physical activity we ventured outside to stretch our legs and enjoy the outdoors. Sebastian, Aston and Max liked spending time in the sandpit and playing with the shovels and spades. The boys then ventured over to the castle cubby house where they all enjoyed a game of peek a boo with Miss Amy, Max thought this game was extremely funny as he would crack up laughing as Miss Amy would say BOO. Joshua delighted in the outside time and liked playing with the big building blocks during tummy time. Joshua is becoming very mobile and likes to move himself around the yard. Joshua was super cool and content and loved it how he moves.
For our group time we sat down on the mat to listen to Farm yard stories with Miss Katrina, Poppy was very interested in these stories and would clap and smile at Miss Katrina when she would finish each short story, we then transition into the “5 fat sausages” song and then 3 cheeky monkey’s song


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