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Hello Families,

Today we had another special day in the babies 1 room. Miss Desiree was off today so Miss Shawn and Miss Bronagh have been working with your little ones.

There was a lotto explore through the room today. Henry and Holly were having a giggle playing with the cardboard tubes, and Adelin seemed comfortable and big news she held her bottle herself. Adeline is settling in more this week. She started observing the other babies which was lovely to see.  Ian and Yuna  loved to play outside and explore more of their surroundings while Toby had some great tummy time reaching for lots of items on the floor. Henry sat jnside and got the tub of animals. He started to take them out one by o nbe and libe then all up ttog erther. Great job Henry! Mason loved to try and oull himself up day using his strong arms. Everytime he did it, we cheered to him and he had a big smile on his face.

If znylne has anybed sheets that isn’t y l,uR own, can you plese return then. Also we have two bed sheets here in the ckassroom. One all pink and the kther white and pink. If you own them please let us know. Also, can you please ensure all names are written on your child’s bed sheets.

Have a wonderful evening.

Miss Shawn and Miss Bronagh