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Hello beautiful families,

We started the week on a beautiful atmosphere in babies 1. The babies were happy and relaxed, enjoyed playing together. Early morning we played with Kobe and Rory pushing and rolling the green flat ball in the yard. They tried to do the same after and manage to roll it for few meters. Good job boys! Then many friends joined us at once and we started to explore the yard. We also played with the big yellow ball.

After mornjng tea, which was a delicious caarrot cake, we did some Christmas artwork with miss Aurelie. Haruto borrowed her pen and was drawing on a spare piece of paper. Other babies wanted to join. So once we were done with the painting miss Aurelie gave us a blank sheet and some crayons to make some drawing. We really enjoyed the drawjng this morning. Henry was saying “wow!” and repeated many times. Then Kobe said he was done so i gave him the bag to put the crayons back in. Haruto, Rory and Elsie helped him and in a couple of minutes everything was packed away.

We were ready to go outside. Leah enjoyed to play with her baby while Henry was chasing with Aurelie. Haruto was a manga superhero sending some fireballs to Rory. Mannie enjoyed going up and down the wooden stairs and Kobe and Elsie were jumping from the frog with miss Dressa.

Thank you so much for the beautiful day.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie