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Hello beautiful families

One day left before our Christmas party !! We are super excited to see you all tomorrow. Today we started with a free play indoor after our morning tea. The babies liked to read the books, we also played some music and danced on Christmas songs. Then we got some soft blocks from outside and practice our jump with miss Aurelie. Everybody had a go and was fearless. We started with 2 blocks high and increase the challenge to 3 blocks. The babies were brave and did even manage to jump without holding hands. Impressive !!!


Then we went for a quick play outside before the lunch. The babies enjoyed to go in the big rocker.Miss Aurelie jumped with us in the big rocker, she was standing up and was shaking it. We laughed out loud and asked for more !!  The babies  also played with their friends from babies 2 and ran on the soft blocks with miss Dressa. It was a physical morning today, we really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much babies.Love you. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the Christmas party at 10am to 11am in the babies yard.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie