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Today in the baby’s room we had a lovely morning playing with the coloured spaghetti that we made yesterday. Aston was very inquisitive as to what the spaghetti was and really enjoyed playing with it with both hands. Aston, Teddy, Poppy and Travis all worked cooperatively and really engaged with passion in this sensory activity.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and French toast we decided on a nature collage for our arts and crafts activity. Miss Camila took Sahara, Poppy and Ted outside to explore and find nature resources for our work. Poppy was fascinated with all the different textures and loved exploring the outdoor area. Back inside we all took turns placing the material on to the clear contact. Sebastian had a wonderful time sticking all the different leaves on to the contact and loved looking up at Miss Camila smiling his beautiful smile.
For our outdoor activity we had lots of fun playing with the water play station. Nevaeh had a blast splashing and sploshing the blue water and loved playing with the soft block toys that she keeps throwing in the water.
For our group time we decided to follow the interest of Nevaeh and Poppy and provide our babies with different types of music, we listened to the wiggles and as well as some acoustic guitar beats. We enjoyed the differences in the music and found the music nice and calming.
10.03.16 art 10.03.16 poppy 10.03.16 seb 10.03.16 spag.