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Babies 1 – Thursday 10th October 2019

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October 10, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

A big hello to all of our families and welcome to our Thursday!

We have had another great day in babies one…..

Theo brought in a weekend sheet to share with the class which was so amazing thank you Theo! Theo has just not long been back from a fun family holiday at the beach, we sat as a group and talked about all the fun things that Theo had done,  one really amazing activity Theo experienced was seeing some real dolphins… we made some beautiful footprint dolphins today as a way to celebrate and extend on Theos experience,  the class really enjoyed this activity,  we also read a story called Chester the Crab which bad lots of under the sea creatures including some dolphins, the children loved this story which was slightly interactive as it had big googly crab puppet eyes! Thank you to Miss Sue from toddlers for lending us this fun book.

We also continued with our frog paintings from yesterday… we painted the big red tongue that the frog catches his flies with!!!

Today we have also had a focus ln puzzles,  we introduced some new puzzles,  one particular favourite was a car puzzle where the cars are placed on the top level and then they flip and follow the tracks all the way to the bottom,  this particular puzzle is aimed toward hand eye coordination and fine motor development along with cause and effect thinking.

Gymnastics today was so much fun,  Miss Bea was so happy to report how well todays group went!

We hope everyone has a great evening

Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita xoxo

Written by elcbabies1

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