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What a great day we have had in the babies 1 room today. We started our playing on the mat while we waited for our friends to arrive, we enjoyed the building cups and liked taking them apart and then putting them together, we also enjoyed discovering the puzzles and we also liked watching all the sparkles spin around and around in the amygdala bottles.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and puree, we ventured outside to discover what Miss Katrina had brought in from home. We all delighted in the ice play activity and found lots of different ways we could use the coloured ice. Teddy was fascinated with the different colours of the ice and was trying to pick up and play with as many as possible, Poppy similarly engaged in this experience and was exploring the texture and the taste of each of the ice cubes. Miss Katrina then thought we could extend on this activity by turning it into an ice painting activity, after getting some coloured cardboard we all gathered around and began creating with the ice. We all swished the ice cubes around on the cardboard making all different patterns and lovely colours. Amelia Grace engaged in this activity with delight and had fun moving all the ice cubes around as fast as she could.
Chloe was starting to show interest in the water play station, so Miss Katrina brought her over for a closer look, she thought this activity was wonderful and starting splashing and kicking the water while smiling and squealing with pleasure.
Nevaeh and Sebastian then decided to participate in social play together in the sand pit. They were very cute talking and babbling to each other while they each played with a different spade in the sandpit, Miss Camila then found a thin wrap which she then used to play a game of Peek a Boo. Neveah and Sebastian thought this game was hysterical both cracking up with laughter.
Aura was very content today and enjoyed the one on one time she spent with both Miss Katrina and Miss Camila. She enjoyed smiling up at her educators and watching all of her friends move around.