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Good evening,

This morning the day started with Mason and Holly. The two babies enjoyed exploring the room next door and were fascinated with the come corner. Mason played with the baskets and filled it with all the wooden food. Holly played with the cash register and pressed all the buttons. Around 8:30am we went into our room, Elsie joined us and was ready for her nap then Conor and Adelin showed up ready to play in the home corner and explore all the books in our self- care corner.

Group time was short and sweet. We sung the rainbow song:

“red and yellow and pink and green

purple and orange and blue

I can sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow too”

We went through our aboriginal acknowledgment then the babies enjoyed self-selected activities.

During activity time the babies had a choice of:

  • Contact art: we focused on the colour yellow
  • Book corner which has books, mirrors and quiet rattles and toys
  • Home corner is filled with sensory bottles, pots, pans, plates, baskets, and food magazines
  • Self-select shelves filled with puzzles, dinosaurs, wooden blocks, computers, and phones

Holly, Max, Mason, Elsie and Adelin enjoyed the contact art and learn about the colour yellow. Max stuck on 3 pieces of yellow paper to the contact and was amazed that it stuck on the window, when he felt the contact paper his eyes lit up and he smiled when he took his hand away. Holly got excited when she seen Miss Des’ree setting up the contact paper activity, as Holly had already done this with the colour red and blue. Holly knew to pick up the yellow colour and to stick it on the yellow contact paper. Miss Des’ree handed Holly some blue paper, Holly looked at the red paper, then back to Miss Des’ree, Miss Des’ree asked Holly want colour is it, Holly looked at the blue contact paper and Miss Des’ree said, “Yes Holly, blue colour, where does it go?” Holly walked over to the blue contact paper and looked back at Miss Des’ree as Miss Des’ree nodded to Holly and Holy stuck the blue paper on top the blue contact paper. Great job Holly! Conor liked to touch the contact paper, every time Adelin he put his hand onto the paper he started to laugh. Conor even put his face onto the contact paper, he looked at Miss Bronagh and laughed as he moved his face off. Miss Bronagh gave Conor some yellow paper and asked him to stick it onto the window. Conor looked at Miss Bronagh then he looked at the window, walked over and stuck the paper on, he ran back over to Miss Bronagh with a big smile and sat on her knee. Awesome job Conor! Adelin crawled over to the window and sat beside Miss Bronagh. Miss Bronagh asked Adelin if she would like to stick the paper onto the window. Miss Bronagh passed the paper to Adelin, she looked at it, looked back at Miss Bronagh then picked the yellow paper up. She carefully moved forward and used her fingers to stick the paper on. Her paper was only attached to the window a little bit, so Adelin use the palm of her hand to flatten the paper on to the wall. Adelin sat calming on the floor and picked up one piece of yellow paper one by one and stuck them onto the window making sure they were all flat. Amazing job Adelin!

Overall, it has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh