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Today in the baby’s room we started our day with a lovely group time on the mat we sang, the wheels on the bus, we’re sitting on the mat, 5 fat sausages and if you’re happy and you know it. We then looked at and talked about a beautiful keyring that Max had brought in from Italy, we all had a turn of feeling the keyring as we passed it around to all of our friends. For our arts and crafts activity we continued with our around the world theme of Italy and made finger painting of the tower of Pisa. Poppy was up first and was very slow and precise of exactly where she wanted each droplet of paint, she was very gentle and made a beautiful painting. Aston on the other hand enjoyed working fast and messy. He liked getting both hands into the paint and moving and squishing around the paint in lots of different directions. Max was another keen participant in this painting experience like Aston using both his hands to create his masterpiece. We then ventured outside to explore the front yard, while exploring Miss Katrina played the Italian music that Max had also brought in educate us about his Family background. By playing this music we were also extending on Sebastian, Neveah and Max’s interest. We all enjoyed the beautiful sounds of the Italian artists. Neveah enjoyed herself bopping along to the wonderful music, she also liked engaging in a game of peek a boo with Miss Lorraine, she would crack up laughing every time Miss Lorraine said boo. While outside Max and Travis enjoyed social play using the sandpit and equipment. Aston had a wonderful time climbing onto the wooden block, he loved taking turns with Penny from next door. After coming back inside we provide our baby’s with self-select time, where the children get to choose what experience they would like to engage in. Sebastian chose to explore the home corner and liked opening and closing the door to the stove. Josh enjoyed practicing his crawling skills and loved pulling himself up onto the gate, he also enjoyed using the shakers and the soft toys Thanks for a great day


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