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Happy Thursday!

This morning the babies enjoyed playing in the big yard with babies 2. Mason and Vance used the wooden stairs to stabilize their movements to a standing position. Holly was interested in the balls and threw it up in the air and watched it fall, then roll on the floor. Toby was content sitting on the cushions and observed his surroundings, when he was ready he reached for the floor and played with the abacus.

For group time the babies enjoy lots of songs and nursery rhymes. So this morning we started with the aboriginal acknowledgment and showed the children the movements to give thanks to our native Australians. We said

“here is the land

here is the sky

here are my friends

here am I”

Next, Miss Bronagh and Miss Des’ree did a mixture of songs throughout the day.

  • Holly, Max, Vance and Henry loved ‘Old Mc donald had a farm’
  • Mason, Kira, Elsie and Toby enjoyed listening to their ABC’s and twinkle twinkle little star

activity time was full of learning opportunities for the babies to participate in. Max, Henry, Vance and Mason individually took turns with the animal puzzle piece. It was extremely difficult for the babies to play each piece in correctly, however, they demonstrated a high understanding of where each piece should go and colour co-ordinated. Elsie, Toby and Kira are trying very hard to move around the room. Activity time is a great opportunity for our younger babies to crawl, stretch and reach for desired toys. Toby enjoyed the wooden rainbow pieces while Kira and Elsie shared the abacus. Miss Bronagh wanted to offer the babies the outdoors by bringing it in, Miss Bronagh excited Holly, Vance and Henry by introducing the slide inside. Up and down the babies went – burning though their energy in time for lunch.

Hope you all had a great day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh