Babies 1 Thursday 14th June

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Hello and welcome to a beautiful Thursday. We started off welcoming the babies in the room next door and soon headed out to the yard for a play before morning tea. For morning tea everyone enjoyed their muslie bars and fruit.

After everyone was full we went back to the yard for some fresh air. William, Lucia and Lola all headed straight to the cubby house to play ‘peak a boo’. Frankie did an awesome job climbing the foam building blocks.  Mila enjoyed her warm cuddles with Miss Natalie. All the babies soon noticed cardboard boxes joined together in a circle. Lucia took the lead and went in the middle followed by Isaac and William. They all laughed and had so much fun with the boxes. They learnt spacial awareness as they sat inside and manipulated the boxes that were bigger than they are. Michael loved being in the rainforest rocker getting used to his new surroundimgs and friends.

All the babies came inside when they saw their lunch was ready which was chicken and veggie nuggets with roast pumpkin and peas and a side or cucumber and betroot. They all loved the chicken and veggie nuggets with the roast pumpkin the best. Williams favourite was the betroot and pumpkin. Lola, Mila and Frankie loved all the food. Isaac and Lucia enjoyed the cucumber slices. We gave emmy paper and she was very determined to rip it to shreds.

We all headed outside for the afternoon for a play in the sandbox and taking turns going down the red slide. They were all intrigued by the chirp sounds coming from the birds and started copying the sounds. ‘Chirp’ ‘Chirp’.


Thanks for a lovely day babies.

Paige, Cheryl and Natalie x