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Happy Thursday,

This morning Mason was delighted to play in the yard, he spent his morning playing in the tunnel and obstacle course. When he was finished, he found the strollers and enjoyed a walk around the yard. When Elsie arrived, she played with the orange basketball she thumbed her hands on the ball until it bounced. Conor spent his morning walking up and down the wooden stairs. Adelin sat with Miss Bronagh until she settled into the yard, when she was ready Adelin went over to the walkers and took a stroll around the yard and took her time to move the obstacles out of her way. Max took the soft blocks over to the gate and created his own trampoline, he jumped as high as he could and used the gate to help him balance when his feet touched the ground. Holly used her morning to express herself by drawing on the paper with crayons and pencils. Around 9am we came inside for some delicious morning tea of baked beans, fruits, and toast!

For Group time today the babies enjoyed singing:

  • The
  • good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Open shut them.


We kept the group time short to encourage the babies to participate.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards, keys and locks and soft toys.
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders.
  • Wall art to create a field of poppies.


Outdoor activities:

  • Obstacle course
  • Cubby house with toy babies, kitchen, and mini bed
  • Rainbow tunnel
  • Books, abacus, and cushions

The babies had a wonderful activity time and explored all the opportunities that the room offered. Max, Vance and Adelin played with the blocks, stacking them up as high as they could go before they fell onto the floor. When the blocks did fall down, Max and Vance laughed and started to stack them up again. Adelin wanted to collect the blocks and put them into the walker she likes to use, push them around the room, then give to the boys to help them build their tower. Mason and Holly played together in the home corner, using the eggs to out into the small tubs and taking them out again. Holly wanted to see how many eggs she could out into one tub, she got three in then needed some help from Miss Bronagh to get them out again. Once Holly was shown how to do this, she could then do it by herself. When she got the eggs out, she smiled and clapped her hands. Great job Holly. Mason like to use the pots to bang together and to make lots of noise. When he was banging the pots, he was also moving his body. Miss Des’ree sang songs and Mason smiled and danced with Miss Des’ree. Elsie was very contend investigating the room. She started in the home corner, lifting different items to see what she wanted to play with. She got some of the soft toy food and tried to eat them. Elsie then moved on to the quiet area and looked at some books. She sat there happily for a while before moving over to the highchairs. She would pull herself up on one and move her body around like she was dancing. Kira sat in the quiet area with some toys she like, the cars and the stacking tower. The stacking tower is very colourful, and Kira tried to put all the different pieces onto it. She was concentrating extremely hard and done a great job. Conor enjoying playing with all his friends, he was playing with the trucks by himself, then Max came over and the two of them played together for a while. Conor then went to Miss Bronagh who was setting up an art activity. Today we are making poppies with our hands. Miss Bronagh out up big sheets of paper along the wall. Conor helped Miss Bronagh put the paper on the wall. We then used some nice red paint to paint our friends’ hands. Conor laughed as he got his hand painted as it must have tickled him. Conor then stuck his hand on the paper sheet, took his hand off and the made a poppy shape. Conor enjoyed doing this activity and put lots of hand art on to the pages. Max came over next and wanted to try. Max got the paint on his hand and away he went. He saw how Conor did it and he knew what to do. Max said, ‘wow’ when he saw what his hand did. Max then continued to put lots of hand prints on to the paper. Holly was up next, she also laughed when her hand got painted, she seemed so excited to try this activity., and even helped to paint her own hand. Adelin was a little unsure of this at the start, so Miss Bronagh painted her own hand to show her how to do it. At first Adelin did not want to do it, but after Miss Bronagh helped her, and she saw what the hand done, Adelin was happy to continue. She smiled every time she put her hand on the paper. When there was no more colour left on her hand, she put her hand out for Miss Bronagh to paint it again. Excellent work Adelin! Vance’s turn was next, he patiently waited for this turn and walked over to Miss Bronagh and put his hand out for her. Vance was pointing to the other handprints on the page. He put his hand up to the paper and stuck it down hard. When he took his hand off, his face lit up and he was so happy. Vance mad lots of handprints. Well done, Vance. Elsie’s turn after Vance, she wanted to taste the paint to see what it was like, but Miss Bronagh showed Elsie what to do. When the paint went onto her hand, she squished her fingers down and laughed. Miss Bronagh put more paint on to her hand and helped her put it onto the paper. Elsie did this a few more times before she wanted to move onto another toy. Great effort Elsie! Kira was the last to have a go. When the paint went onto her hand, she looked at Miss Bronagh and said, ‘ooooo.’ Miss Bronagh helped Kira to put her hand onto the paper and push her hand hard onto it. When her hand came off, she quickly looked at Miss Bronagh with a big happy face. Kira moved around the paper and put lots of handprints on. These poppies will look so good when they dry. We will get the children to put a black circle on it tomorrow, so we can finish them off.  Do not forget to come to the room and have a look at our lovely artwork. When everyone completed their awesome artwork, Miss Des’ree opened the doors so our friends could play outside before we had out lunch.  


We have had a great day in Babies 1,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh