August 15, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Good evening babies one families,

We have had a truly great day today, we began our morning outside greeting our friends and having lots of fun exploring our yard, we really loved our cubby today, we had lots of cusions and foam blocks inside that the children enjoyed sitting on and rearranging inside the cubby, we also had fun bouncing the Mum balls to our friends and pushing our lawn mowers.

We had a very big morning of activities,  tumble tots was first for michael,  sadie, theo, saxon and mason. While everyone was at gym we set up activities that were an extension of Tuesdays fine motor cotton tip painting,  the children did so well that we decided to look at further ways of improving their skills. We set up a challenge for the children which involved them manoeuvring ice block sticks into small slits in our egg cartons, the children did so well really focusing on the small slits and managing to keep a steady grip of their ice block stick. We also had playdough out which is great for strengthening fine motor muscles,  the children used rollers and cookie cutters to experiment with the dough. Our final activity was a texter activity where the children could draw on our window, just a different way to grip the texter and to feel the difference and make different patterns, the children absolutely loved this! We have also added a dolls house to our room for the children to explore with their imaginative play……a very welcome addition so far!

After our busy morning we transitioned for lunch,  we washed our hands and happily sat down ready for our yummy shepards pie with cauliflower mash, this is definitely a favourite meal for our class, the children all enjoyed two or more serves before heading off for their well deserved rest time.

We hope you all have a great evening,

Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita


Written by elcbabies1