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What beautiful weather we had today. It was so good, we spent all morning outside! Our friends from next door came over for a play in our sandpit. We put the little fort in the sandpit and Teddy, Josh, Nevaeh and Sebastian all thought it was fun to play with. Poppy, Charlotte and Max all had fun playing in the tepee.
We did our artwork outside today too. Keeping our theme of colours going, we painted with orange paint, using oranges. Our master pieces turned out really well. We are going to cut them out and make something very special out of them to display on our walls.
Group time today was a lot of singing. The Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald had a Farm and Open Shut Them to name just a few. After the children had their afternoon sleep, we had a great time playing with the balls and the trucks, and Max showed us his musical talents with the xylophone.

Thanks for a great day babies


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