Hello beautiful families

Who said we can’t have fun when it is raining ? We had such a beautiful morning with the babies sharing moments of fun and play together. they were very cheeky and in a playful mode this morning. So we had a play outside all together. We enjoyed looking at the heavy rain that was creating a beautiful atmosphere in the yard. We ran and chase miss Aurelie in the yard. We caught the bubbles with miss Elizabeth.

the babies enjoyed hiding in the Cubby house and say hello through the window. they laughed so much and were so happy to play together. We bounced on the big yellow ball miss Aurelie. But also we used it as a drum and were tapping on it. Then Miss Aurelie was Cheeky and put the balls under our t-shirt. We laughed and asked for more. It was such a great morning full of smiles, laughs and happiness. We are so grateful for those spontaneous moments with the babies before the end. So grateful for it! You all are so much fun !

Thank you so much for your energy today babies 1. much love.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie