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What a fantastic day we had here in the baby’s room today. We started our play playing with our friends from babies 2. We enjoy this time as we get to interact with different friends and we get to explore a different room. Once we were all here we sat down for our yummy morning tea of French toast and fresh fruit.
For our arts and crafts activity we decided that we would celebrate Saint Patrick’s day by creating some beautiful coloured rainbows, where we might find a pot of gold. Sebastian was up first and enjoyed sticking on all the different colours onto his rainbow, He also enjoyed the feel of the glue on his fingers, Teddy also participated with enthusiasm seemingly having a wonderful time moving all the different coloured papers around. Travis had an awesome time playing with the glue as he pasted the different colours for his rainbow collage.
We then decided to venture outside for a run around in the fresh air. While outside Sahara engaged Miss Katrina into a game of peek a boo, which she thought was hilarious laughing and giggling as the game progressed. Nevaeh also really enjoyed spending time outside and was Miss Katrina’s little friend for the day.
To follow poppy’s interest of music we provided our babies with children’s music and sing a long sings thought out the day, which all the babies delighted in. Aston was very cleaver today using his words to say “hello, many times and had lots and lots of smiles.