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Happy Thursday!

This morning Mason was the first to arrive and he loved exploring the babies 2 room. Mason enjoyed walking then crawling to the cognitive block area and pulled out all the blocks. Around 8 am the babies went out into the yard. When Holly, Elsie and Max arrived they loved exploring the gems on the wooden blocks, Miss Des’ree helped the babies identify the colours then sung the rainbow song with them. When Vance arrived, he enjoyed playing with the walkers and getting extra cuddles from his teachers

We did lots of little group time throughout the day. Just after morning tea we greeted each baby by singing the good morning song and then greeted them in the different languages “dia dhuit” (Irish), “chow” (Italian), and “Ni hao” (Chinese).


Outside in the yard we sung the rainbow song and did the Aboriginal Acknowledgment:

“here is the land,

Here is the sky,

Here are my friends,

And here am I,”

We have a mixture of older and younger babies today as at different times the babies came to participate in the songs while others chose to explore

During activity time the babies seem a little unsettled, so we experimented and opened our backyard door, over the past few days we have been cooped inside because of the rain so today we encouraged the babies to make a choice of their play area. Conor, Kira, Elsie, Holly, Mason, Vance, and Max all had a grin and didn’t want to play inside. All the babies decided the best place to play was outside.

In the sand pit Holly, Conor, Vance, and Max explored the grainy material with their hands. Miss Bronagh extended on their exploration by giving our friends some buckets and spades. Miss Bronagh showed them how to pour the sand into the bucket to try and make a sandcastle. We moved the slide over to the sandpit so our friends could climb it and slide into the sandpit. Elise wanted to explore the slide, she crawled over to it, pulled herself up and stood on the top. Miss Bronagh gave her a hand to slide down. I don’t think Elise enjoys the sand that much as she wanted to come out and play at the soft area. Kira and Elsie sat together playing with the books and the animal toys before Kira went down for the nap. Miss Des’ree brought out some news puzzles for our friends to play with. Max cam over right away wanting to investigate the new puzzles. We had three of them, a circle, a square and a triangle. Max played for a while before moving on to play with the trucks in the sand with Holly. Conor then came over to the puzzles. Conor lifted the circle one, looked for the circle part, found it then went off with them to play in the sand. Mason woke from his nap and got very excited to see his friends playing in the sandpit. He had a big smile on his face and came running outside. Mason is noticeably confident on his feet now, its great to see. Mason went into the sandpit, played with the spades and buckets. He was happy there until we came inside to get ready before lunch.

Over all a great day ‘

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh