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Today we made some sheep to hang in our room. Max wasn’t very happy about touching the glue, but he eventually got enough “wool” stuck on the paper plate to make his sheep. Travis, Teddy, Sebastian and Nevaeh all enjoyed the activity, while Poppy was a bit shy with hers as well.
Outside was fun, with the sandpit to dig in and the tepee to hide in. Travis played a game of hide and seek with Max and Nevaeh. They were all giggling and having a great time going into the tepee and back out again. Poppy, Sebastian and Teddy were all very happy to play with the big building blocks and the slide.
Our babies are all growing up fast and with this in mind we are transitioning some babies to one sleep per day. This seems to be going very smoothly and our older babies are still getting the rest they need for their growth and development.
Group time was on the mat inside and we sang Old McDonald had a Farm and pointed to the picture of the animals on the farm that are on our colourful mat. The children laughed when Miss Katrina and Miss Lorraine made the funny animal noises.
We hope you are enjoying the artwork we are now displaying from our ceiling. Make sure you look up when you are next in our room. Have a great night, and we look forward to some more fun times tomorrow.DSC00570 DSC00578 DSC00583 DSC00584 DSC00586 DSC00594 DSC00597