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Hello beautiful families,

Today we had such an awesome day at kindy. We started by an outdoor free play outside with our friends from babies 2 and babies 3 today. Then after our morning tea, we have been really busy doing Christmas artworks. Some of us finished  their footprint for the Christmas card with miss Aurelie while others were decorating the Christmas bag doing finger prints on it with miss Elizabeth. Then we all did an activity with miss Aurelie, sticking some cotton balls on a Santa’s beard. We did an excellent job and miss Elizabeth stick them straight away on the window. We were passing our Santa to her.  Once everybody finished the activity, We help miss Aurelie to pack away all the cotton balls left.

Then we went outside to enjoy a little bit the weather before lunch. We wanted to do Row, Row your boat on the wooden boat. Almost all of us embarked on board and miss Aurelie was singing the song. We were all screaming when she sang, ‘If you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream!!’

Thank you so much babies it was a wonderful day !

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Aurelie