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Easter is upon us friends. We have started our Easter basket. If everyone could put an item into the Easter pamper allocated in our classroom. Everyone has received ballots. $5 per sheet of ballots. Please fill them in and return to Miss Des’ree or Miss Bronagh with the gift and $5. The lucky winner will get to take home the Easter pamper! Good luck everyone

This morning Elsie arrived first and enjoyed playing with the soft blocks on the mat. When Miss Des’ree built a tower Elsie would swing her hand over it and laughed as she watched the tower topple over. When Max came to kindy, he went searching for Easter eggs around the yard.  When Conor arrived at kindy, he gave Miss Des’ree a snuggle then was ready to explore the cubby house with his friends from babies 2. Vance was next to come, and he was thrilled to come inside for some yummy morning tea of cookies and fruits.

For group time today we:

  • Welcomed the country.
  • Greeted the babies with the good morning song.

Then finished up by singing our handwashing song to encourage the baby’s hygiene.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards and soft toys.
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders.
  • On the mini table the babies had a choice of exploring colored mesh balls or matching colorful gems.


Outside we offered:

  • Ball pit
  • Sandpit with shovels, buckets, and sifters
  • Easter songs on the speaker.


Conor was extremely excited to play outside. He put his hat on and ran out the door, into the sand pit laughing and jumping in the sand. Max ran out behind Conor and went into the caterpillar tub filled with different coloured balls. Max was smiling and playing with the balls. He was throwing the balls up into the air and when they landed into the caterpillar tub, he laughed and said, “gain.” Kira went into the caterpillar tub beside Max. Kira was feeling a little sad when Max decided to turn around and give her a big cuddle. So nice of you Max! Kira began to feel happier once Miss Bronagh put Easter music on. Max said, “yay” and started to move his body then Kira done the same thing. Vance put his hat on then went into the sandpit. He got the bucket and spade and began moving the sand into the pot then taking the sand out again. Conor and Vance played together in the sandpit before moving onto the slide. The boys laughed together awhile they took turns going down the slide into the sand pit. Elsie joined us after her nap. Elsie sat in the caterpillar tub with Kira and played with the balls, Miss Bronagh and Max lifted the balls that where on the ground and put them into the tub. The girls would then lift the balls and throw them onto the grass. Max enjoyed entertaining the girls by doing this over and 0ver again. Conor then moved onto the toy lawnmower, pushed it around the yard making noises. Great job Conor. Our friends enjoyed the Easter music we had on and loved to move their bodies to their music. Elsie was dancing to every song, when the song stopped, she stopped, Elsie would look around then when the next song came on, she smiled and at are to move her body again. Due to the small class, Miss Bronagh and Miss Des’ree were able to spend extra quality time with our friends. Getting to know the children better, being happy and confident while playing with each other.


We all had a wonderful day today.

We hope everyone can enjoy the Easter holiday and we do not go into lock down.

Everyone stays safe and have fun.

See you all next week!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh