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Today in the baby’s room we had a wonderful morning playing with our friends from next door. We were set up in the front yard and we loved engaging with the puzzles and enjoyed the big building blocks.
After we were all here, we ventured back over to our own room where we all sat on the mat for a group time of action songs. Neveah, Poppy, Aston, Teddy, Max and Travis were all magnificent at sitting down quietly and listening to all the different songs, we sang “5 fat sausages”, “if your happy and you know it” and “dingle dangle scarecrow”. Neveah and Teddy were very interested and sat very still as all the songs unfolded.
For our arts and crafts activity we celebrated ANZAC day by creating a beautiful hand print wreath. Teddy and Aston really engaged in this activity as they both liked the feel of the paint on their hands. Max and Nevaeh also enjoyed this experience and we ended up making some beautifully clear hand prints
We then decided to move outside into the beautiful sunshine. Poppy liked spending time exploring the outside yard and liked playing in the bouncer. Travis loved playing in the cubby castle and would cheekily smile at Miss Lorraine when asked what he was up to.
The excitement of the afternoon was unwrapping our gorgeous new frog for our yard. Our friends from next door all enjoyed taking turns to help unwrap and we had fun climbing onto the frog.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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