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Happy Thursday!

This morning the babies enjoyed a play in the yard to start their day off. Mason played on the obstacle course and enjoyed crawling up and down the wooden stairs. Elsie used her morning to play and discover the home corner toys she opened the kitchenette cupboard and took out the pots, pans and sensory bottles. Adelin wobbled around the yard on her new walking skills and played with the cardboard boxes. Conor saw Adelin’s fun and decided to join in and climbed the boxes and sit in them. Holly wanted a little more attention today and played peek-a-boo with Miss Des’ree. Max played with the basket ball and ran around the yard catching and throwing it with Miss Bronagh. Kira arrived a little later and was happy to sing songs with Miss Marina. Vance welcomed Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh by bringing them a home made cupcake. Thank you so much Vance. Vance spent his morning in the home corner playing in the cubby house with his lamb and sensory bottles.

We didn’t get the opportunity to have a long group time today but in the morning Babies 1 joined Babies 2 for some action songs, such as:

  • Winde the bobbin up
  • Open shut them
  • Timmy turtle

For activity time the babies were a little restless inside so we opened up the yard door to offer them all some more space. Mason loved this idea and used his activity time to play with the walkers, basket balls and went in and out of the cubby house. Adelin sat down and read a few books in the quiet area then went over to her teacher to participate in blue painting. Elsie observed the blue art and was very excited to explore it with her fingers, when her hands were all blue Miss Des’ree guided her to make a mark on the white paper. Conor had a blast outside and went back to the cardboard boxes he opened all three boxes and climbed in each box until he was satisfied with his spatial knowledge. Holly join her peers in blue art and then decided it was time for her to gather the babies into the cubby house for a sleep. Holly cuddled and kissed the babies showing lots of love and care, well done holly. Max ventured up the stairs into the toddlers 2 room, he happily spent his morning exploring the train tracks and vehicles. Kira used her morning to catch up on her sleep and took a snooze while everyone was out of the cot room. Vance chose to come outside with the rest of his friends and participated in art and spent the rest of the morning in the cubby house with Elsie.


Over all its been a great day

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh