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Well, we had a fabulous day today in our Babies room! With the weather turning so cold, we only ventured outside for about 30 minutes this morning. Travis, Poppy and Teddy loved playing with the balls while Charlotte, Max, Josh and Sebastian all enjoyed the sandpit. We had the trucks in our yard and everyone had a turn at pushing them around.
We had a different experience with our art and craft today. We had some yellow playdough. Max, Travis, Sebastian and Teddy were not very impressed with the texture of the playdough, but Charlotte and Poppy thought it was fun to play with.
Our group time was all about books today. We had Spot, Colours, Shapes, The ABC’s and Sam the Fireman. The children gathered around to listen while Miss Lorraine read the books to them. During the day, we sing lots of nursery rhymes and other children’s songs.
Wishing you a great night, and we will be ready for some more fun tomorrow.

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