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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing next door with our friends from babies 2. Once we had separated back into our room we sat on the mat miss Katrina and listened to all the different stories she had to say. Miss Katrina had also made a big mess with some paper and Nevaeh and Sahara delighted in playing and squishing and ripping all the bits of paper up.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of cake and fresh fruit we decided to extend on Travis’s interest of water play. Travis enjoyed standing at the water play station splashing the water with both hands, Miss Katrina then decided he might like to cool off in the water. Travis had a marvellous time engaging in this activity smiling and having fun with the water. Nevaeh sparkled with delight while participating in this fun messy water play, and didn’t want to hop out of the water when it was time for Miss Camila to take her out. While outside Teddy was very cheeky and happily played on the fort and slide, he needed a little help climbing up the ladder but he persisted and once he reached the top beamed down at his friends and then had fun sliding down the slide. Aura watched on with interest as her friends played around her, Miss Katrina then encouraged her into some tummy time where she liked looking at her reflection in the mirror that was placed there to help her find comfort in this position.
We then ventured inside to get out of the heat. Poppy was interested in books. She sat down and studied each page with interest and was very engrossed in the different coloured pictures. When Miss Katrina said “are you reading Poppy” she looked up and clapped her hands. Sebastian was very content to wonder away the different inside play spaces choosing different activities to engage with. He especially enjoyed playing with the construction blocks and also liked the trucks.



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