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Happy Thursday!

This morning the babies enjoyed exploring the activities in the yard. This morning Mason arrived and greeted Miss Bronagh with big hugs and smiles. We played in Miss Marina’s for a while, Mason liked the stack up tubes and the animals. Mason also helped Miss Bronagh set up the yard for his friends. Elsie arrived a while later and she had big cuddles with Miss B until she settled. Miss Marina invited our friends to go play in the Babies 3-yard, Miss B stayed in our own yard with Mason and Elsie for a little while and played peek-a-boo with them, then Mason and Elsie went down for their morning nap. Conor, Holly, Max, and Vance all arrived before 9am, with their happy faces on and ready to play. Now it was time t come inside for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Des’ree did a quick group time. She greeted all the babies by singing the “Good morning song”. Next, she introduced the babies to “the seven days of the week” Mason, Conor and Elsie clapped along and moved their bodies to the rhythm of the beat. Max imitated Miss Des’ree’s words and said, “Thursday!” well done Max. Miss Des’ree encouraged the babies to put their hands on their head and make bunny ears. Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh sung Mr Peter Rabbit song, Vance enjoyed this song and showed his excitement when he made floppy ears with his hands. Adelin, Kira and Holly enjoyed listening to the sleeping bunny song and clapped for Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh’s performance.

Before lunch Miss Bronagh did another group time with the babies. She encouraged them to sit in their chairs and brought out the Sophie puppet. The babies smiled when the puppet gave them a cuddle and a kiss on the head. To finish off the group time Miss Bronagh encouraged the babies to wipe their hands before their meal.

For activity time we decided to continue with our Easter Crafts. Half the class went outside to play in the sandpit with Miss Des’ree and the other half stayed inside with Miss Bronagh, making Easter baskets, bunnies, and their Egg shakers. When our friends finished with their Easter crafts, we then went outside and so our other friends could come inside. Best of both worlds! Our friends seemed incredibly happy to play outside. Mason and Conor ran outside so quickly, they were eager to play in the Sandpit. Mason and Conor sat together using the buckets and spades to dig through the sand and occasionally they put some in their months to taste it, mmmmm! Kira and Elise stayed at the grass area; Miss Bronagh put some sand in the big ‘caterpillar’ so they could enjoy a small amount of sand together. Vance and Max climbed up and down the slide, laughing each time they went down. Holly ventured all over the garden, she went to the sand pit then the slide, then she went and

gave all her friends a cuddle. What a sweet girl! Adelin stayed close to Miss Des’ree and read some books with her before playing with the puzzles Miss Des’ree left out.

We had a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh