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Today in the baby’s room we celebrated National sorry day. For our first activity we listened to and did the actions to the wombat wobble. Teddy was very cute as he flapped his hands and moved his body to the music, Neveah enjoyed bopping her head and Travis looked up at both Miss Lorraine and Miss Katrina and smiled. We then listened to traditional aboriginal music where Travis started swagging in time with the music while listening intently.
After venturing outside, we continued with our celebration of the Aboriginal culture by doing dot face painting, Teddy was up first and sat very still as Miss Katrina painted red, black and yellow dots on his face. Travis was then up and choose to lay down while his face was being painted. Max was then up and just smiled his cheeky smile at Miss Lorraine as his face was being painted with the coloured dots. We then all got very excited as a bird come to visit, the bird started walking around our yard as he did this Travis and Teddy were pointing and squealing with delight. Josh was especially interested and didn’t take his eyes of the bird. Josh’s favourite thing again today was pulling himself up onto everything he could. Josh is getting very clever and very cheeky.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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