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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door. We all enjoyed the inside/ outside play as we get to choose what we would like to play with. Sebastian had a wonderful time sitting with his friends from next door at the drawing table and liked choosing lots of different coloured pencils to draw with.
After we had come over to our room we sat down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree. We then decided to venture outside into our yard. It was a boy’s club today with all of our friends all being boys. Max, Sebastian, Fynn and Travis all enjoyed the sandpit today, and were all engaged in the toy phone cubby house that was in the sandpit. Sebastian and Fynn playing happily together sitting inside the cubby while Max and Travis enjoyed exploring the outer cubby and both liked taking turns playing with the door and the extra mini slippery slide. Teddy had taken the shakers outside and adored walking around shaking one in each hand. Teddy thought he was extremely funny and would start laughing at himself which was very cute.
For our group time all the boys did a wonderful job at sitting still for the monster story and then singing nursery rhymes. Teddy liked to join in the “5 fat sausages” song and would say “bang” at the right spot. Max was a super cuddle pot today and loved giving Miss Katrina the biggest snuggles. Fynn was very happy and smiley has he listened with interest to the stories and songs.
To follow Sebastian, Max and Astons interest of music we did and dancing experience to aboriginal and reggae tunes. This activity was fun and exciting and all the boys joined in for a boggle and bop.
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