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Welcome to another Thursday in the Babies 1 room.

This morning the babies had a choice of self-selected activities while they waited for all their friends to arrive.  Max loved reading stories and used the morning to first relax before going on the obstacle course to exert his energy. Mason was wide awake in the morning and spent his time playing in the cardboard boxes, he loved investigating the space in and out of the boxes. Holly and Conor played with the big yellow balls and bounced them around the yard. Vance was so happy to join his friends in the yard and decided to play with the giant green frog, he observed its back and climbed up on the frog with a big grin on his face. Around 9 am we ventured inside for some morning tea, just before we finished eating Bella and Adelin came to join in.

We did lots of little group times throughout the day, Miss Bronagh sung:

  • Wheels on the bus
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment

Miss Des’ree sung action songs such as:

  • Open shut them.
  • Top and bottom (hand washing song)

For activity time we offered the babies indoor and outdoor play and opened the side door to the yard. Miss Des’ree did some painting outside with our friends. Max and Bella wanted to try the painting first. We continued from our Mothers’ Day gifts, trying to get them all finished, then some finger painting. Max seemed to enjoy the paint on his hands. It is nice to see Max more comfortable around paint now. Bella stayed close to Miss Des’ree today, they have connected well. Bella and Miss Des’ree played in the sandpit together making sandcastles. Max played on the slide, climbing up and down, up, and down. Max then went over to the seesaw to sit on when Conor and Holly wanted a go also. All three of them sat on the seesaw and sang, ‘row, row, row your boat.’ Adelin came to paint next. She put her fingers into the paint and made a beautiful collage. Adelin then went to the book corner, sat down, and read herself some lovely stories before pottering over to chill in the sandpit with her friends. Conor laughed so much outside. Conor got one of the outside sheets and put it over his head. He walked around the yard saying, ‘boo,’ ‘agghhhh’ to his friends and educators. Conor laughed so hard at this and continued doing it. Holly and Max also found this very funny and where entertained by what Conor did. Conor then played in the sandpit, filling up the buckets using spades. Holly enjoyed painting with her hands, then she played on the seesaw for a while before climbing the slide and sliding into the sandpit. Holly done this a couple of times before moving into the sandpit and having lots of fun. Vance was so happy today exploring the sandpit. Vance went to the big tub that holds all our toys and he looked through it and took out all the sand toys. Clever boy Vance. Vance brought them over to the sandpit so all his friends could play with them. How lovely, Vance! When Mason woke from his nap, he came out to play with his friends. Mason played for a short while in the tub of balls, he was throwing the balls out then picking them up and putting them back in. Next it was time to pack away and come inside to clean up and get ready for lunch. Max went upstairs to have lunch and a rest with the Toddlers.


We all had a lovely, beautiful day playing with each other,

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh